On 19 November 2019, Tuesday at Elementary school „Miroslav Krleža“, Čepin, children’s workshop on the topic of recycling and re-use of objects was organized. The children used plastic bags to make a jumping rope and a competition on proper waste disposal was organized. Likewise, they attended a short lecture on proper waste disposal, that discussed how the same should not be thrown into nature, how waste affects environment and animals if found in nature, and how long does it take for different types of waste to disintegrate. The school was awarded a certificate of appreciation for participating in the waste management project, and children received customized T-shirts and medals.


  1. Cut out different colours plastic bags first by opening them up and later on by cutting them into stripes.
  2. Connect one stripe to another in order to get longer stripes. It is the best to make 6 stripes and then to weave two stripes together.
  3. Now begins the fun part: braids weaving! Make it easier to yourself by sticking the beginning of a braid with a tape to a desk edge in order to stay weaved.
  4. Be careful to keep the length of a jumping rope in accordance with a child’s size, so it can jump the rope. Stripes should be a bit longer than the estimated rope length because they will be shortened by weaving.
  5. Weave a nice braid and protect its edges with a tape or even better a duct tape.