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Project information

The Municipality of Čepin together with the Municipality of Vladislavci, entered the public contest of Ministry of Environment and Energy the project Implementation of Programme Educative-Informative Activities on Sustainable Waste Management.

The value of the project is 506,223.32 kn, with a possibility of co-financing of up to 85% of the amount. Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund passed the Decision on financing of this project approving the amount of 430,289.76 kn. On 17 August 2018 a contract on non-refundable grants was signed.

The following goals have been considered
essential for the education of local population:


Informative and educative activities related to waste prevention


Activities for separate waste collection


Asage activities


Disposal activities


Activities for remediation of polluted environment

Who is this project for?

The object of these activities has been reaching a broad spectrum of society groups and informing them about the importance of the implementation of the programme. The kindergarten and elementary school children have been selected as a target group considering that they are being educated on the importance of sustainable waste management in their formative years.

Furthermore, other activities have been planned targeting secondary school and university students, middle aged adults, senior citizens and tourists as well.

What activities are being implemented?

Educative-informative activities on sustainable waste management aiming to achieve predefined objectives and ways in which they have been planned to be implemented are:

  1. publishing of flyers and guides on waste prevention,
  2. responsible waste disposal,
  3. separate waste collection,
  4. re-use of objects and composting,
  5. posters design,
  6. educative picture and colouring books for children,
  7. video filming,
  8. construction of a specialized web site,
  9. public and educative lectures,
  10. workshops for children,
  11. costumed performances and plays for preschool and elementary school children,
  12. school competitions, making of didactic toys with a leaflet for children,
  13. print media advertisements and translation of flyers to a foreign language.